Top Five: Most Annoying Things at the Cinema!

The following cinema sins are not in any particular order; in my mind they are all equally as selfish.

Whether we are the offenders or victims of these annoyances, we have all been in situations where, what should have been a lovely trip to the cinema, has turned into two hours of testing your patience.

Number 5: Arriving Late.

If you’re like me, a self confessed perfectionist, then you arrive to the cinema before they can even let you into the screen. I mean after all the trailers are the best part! So, if you are someone like me, who is all cosy in their seat, and completely immersed in within action of the film, then there is nothing worse than late arrivals! Or even worse… noisy late arrivals. If you sneak in unannounced and find your seat without disturbing others, then this can be forgiven, after all we all know there are circumstances that make us late. It happens to the best of us! But there is nothing that will snap you out of the fictional world you are watching than hearing “Barbara, where’s row J… How can you tell that’s J?”(Psst future tip, there are letters on the floor/sides of the row). Or perhaps what is worse is  a bunch of teenagers bounding in to the room all laughing only to have the infamous “I’m not sitting on the end” fight, coupled in with “Me and Jess said we were gonna sit together”. I mean you’re sat in the dark, who really cares who you’re sat next to!

Number 4:  Over reacting.

On one trip to the cinema to watch Hacksaw Ridge, I was sat behind a woman who, for lack of a better word, was very involved in the scenes unfolding before her. I mean at first this was funny to see just how she was literally leaning forward, sat at the end of her seat at the events. And who doesn’t jump and scream at horror films? However, after a while, it became annoying. There were parts that to anyone one else would make them jump, or internally gasp with shock. To this woman however, it was a very vocal and dramatic display. I almost forgot I was watching Hacksaw Ridge and not a one woman show.

Number 3: Choosing an inappropriate seat.

If the cinema is near empty, and you chose not to sit it your designated seat in favour of a better one.  Don’t then sit practically in the lap of the people already there. I can’t think of anything worse than when someone sit directly in front of you in these situations, filling the room not only with their head but also, as the room is somewhat quieter, their eating and breathing.  Perhaps the only thing worse is when they sit directly behind. If you’re lucky enough to get a cinemagoer who doesn’t kick your chair every two minutes when they shuffle about, then you still feel  paranoid the entire film. In a full screen these things don’t matter, but in a quiet cinema it just leaves you on edge ad ruins your experience.

Number 2: P.D.A.

For those of you lucky enough never to have experienced seeing a couple exploring the insides of each other’s mouths from the corner of your eye, then I truly and sincerely envy you! There is nothing to make you cringe and pull you away from the film than seeing something of this sort. No matter how hard you try to ignore it, it can always be seen in your peripheral vision. Come on people, there’s a time and a place and it is not in a public cinema for crying out loud!

Number 1: Constant Talking.

Now I’m not talking about the occasional comment in passing, that’s completely okay! I mean you can’t help yourself when you see a cameo from whispering “Is that (insert famous actor here)?” But when its constant jibber jabber over nothing related to the film, well it’s unacceptable. If you’re hereto talk, then go to a coffee shop. Why are you paying for a film if you have no intention of watching it? Perhaps what is even worse, is those who have seen the film already or read up online, who the feel the need to infer spoilers to their friend. This not only angers your “friend”(debateable on the relationship now after you’ve spoiled a good two hours for them) but also is much tothe chagrin of the entirety of the cinema screen given your talking was hardly a whisper and more a shout!

So there you have it, top 5 cinema sins to annoy everyone within the vicinity at the cinema. If you are guilty of one or more of these… just know everyone wants to strangle you in your seat. So for your own safety, be considerate of others.


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